Last night (23.6.20) I was woken up in the middle of the night and shown how to practically fulfil my mission to help end poverty in Maharlika/Philippines.  


It involves close cooperation with The Frega Collective. An online portal designed to be an all-in-one system for businesses ~ small and medium, personal, clubs, educators and mums and dads to use to share information, eCommerce, social and banking tools. 


Frega has been developed over the years to help end poverty worldwide. Empowering those who are unbanked, underbanked and the banked.  

The Frega Collectives underlying goal is to empower every person on the planet to make a sustainable income.  


I realised, 10 years ago, that Frega is a healthy robust solution to help end poverty. Especially, helpful in an undeveloped country such as the Philippines. 


And the same system can be used anywhere else in the world.  


We are poised to expand globally this year. 


For more info on how that works, please visit my website 

The first part is in Tagalog, followed by English.  

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The Situation 


One of the challenges for poor people in the Philippines is that it is necessary to at least have a smart phone for access. Unfortunately, most poor people cant afford smartphones, or the data for internet access.  


My solution for Maharlika, specifically starts off from the premise that through Frega, myself and many others, are keen to help those who are not so fortunate. 


Many of the members of Frega are philanthropical and as the collective grows will benefit from the income coming through to their personal accounts. 


Through the generosity of the Frega members to date, almost half a million Frega shares have been donated to my Real Hand Up Foundation Maharlika – RHU - (purposefully set up to provide relief to the Philippines) by various generous Frega members. 

When these shares are worth $ 5-10 each, I want to use this wealth, and a large part of my own, for this mission.  


Because I believe in the ethos and vision of the Frega Collective and the expertise of the Foundation’s CEO Paddy Delaney, for the last 8 years I have invested everything I’ve got into Frega 

It is also very likely that other successful Frega members will be motivated to assist financially in this initiative. And, of course, there will be many Pinoys coming on board who will share our mission to lift the standard of living for all their fellow Filipinos.  


First Steps  


  • I need to find a Filipino Lawyer Im still looking for one who will help pro bono to set up the legal structure and to properly register RHU Foundation in Maharlika. 

  • The Foundation Trustees will have to consist of mostly Filipino members in order to be able to own property in that country.  

  • The idea is for the Foundation to own property all over the country. One day hopefully in every town.  

  • These properties will be owned by the Foundation and administered by a few local trustees. All of them of course Frega members.  

  • Their job will be to find suitable poor people, maybe a family, to live there for free in return for certain services. There will later be a possibility for these tenants to buy the property off RHU. To be paid automatically by deducting a certain % from their Frega income. That money in turn will be re-circulated to buy more properties.   


Keep in mind that by western standards, buying property in Maharlika is very cheap.  


Following are the conditions for Tenants:   


  1. One of the tenants needs to be somewhat proficient with the use of digital media and qualified to be a Frega Mentor.  

We will provide assistance to that person to learn how by providing a free Frega Mentor.  


  1. Each property to be bought needs to have a small, separate office space.   

RHU will provide a Laptop/Computer and/or Smartphone and internet connection. And initially pay for data.  

This will then become the local Frega Station. Where people who are too poor to own a smartphone can book in regular sessions to log into Frega and start creating an income. 


  1. The Mentor/resident of that Station will be there to assist them and will pick up any contacts not already registered or referred by another member. Thereby create more Frega income for themselves. And, of course, they will also make a good income by mentoring.  


Plus, they will have great financial incentive to teach their mentees how to also become mentors and help others and then those to do likewise.  


The Frega Stations can also be expanded to become community centres.  


Community Centres can then take on another function and run as a Co-operative with a local governing committee. I envision this will include various classes to empower people to become more aware in different areas: Healthy Living, Food Co-ops, Growing Organic Food, Yoga and Meditation for personal development, even political awareness and empowerment.  

So, people can take control of their own lives and work together as a community, helping each other. 

This same concept can be expanded to bigger land communities / Co-ops? Eco Villages.  


With enough land to Co-operatively live together and assist each other. Eventually incorporating Medical Facilities and their own progressive and independent Schools. Plus other facilities, such as various businesses etc.  



The Plight of Single Mothers  


Another area that is of particular interest and concern to me is the plight of single mothers in the Filipins. There are literally millions of them, who end up in that situation for various reasons.  

Their lives and that of their children is extremely hard. As there is no government safety net in the way of financial assistance. Hence huge numbers of these mothers have to leave their children who are already deprived of their fathers, and work in foreign countries. Just to earn enough money to feed their children and provide for their education (no free education in Maharlika ...)  


A Catholic country with no emphasis on contraception and abortions and divorce illegal. 


These women are often mercilessly exploited and even abused. Often kept like slaves.   


I personally know of many horror stories of physical and sexual abuse suffered by these Pinays. They sacrifice everything for the sake of their children.  

I dream of the day when, with help of Frega and RHU Foundation, these womendon’t have to sell their souls (and often their bodies) in order to provide for their children.  


I believe once this idea starts to work, and we have a few working models - proof of concept - it can then expand all over the country like ripples on a pond.  


I have friends in various parts of the country who I trust to be honest and who I believe will be interested in starting some pilot projects.                 






If you have ever been to the Philippines (Maharlika) or if you already live there, or if you are a Filipino living and working overseas, then you probably already love this place.

The country is beautiful and the people are the warmest, most hard working and most hospitable people on Earth ...


But many Filipinos are struggling financially ... we are about to fix that!




We are introducing a




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Ang Frega ay maaaring maisasalarawan o maipaliwanag sa maraming iba't ibang mga paraan .....

Ito ay isang FINTEC (isang Teknolohiyang Kompanya ng Pananalapi o pera)
Ito ay isang panlipunang negosyo. Na nag lalayon o naghahangad na maibalik ang kita sa komunidad or taong bayan.
Ito ay isang uri ng plataporma ng negosyo sa internet paris ng Lazada.
Ito ay isang Kolektibong samahan, tulad ng isang kooperatiba

Gumawa din kami ng isang Social Media Site, katulad ng Facebook. Ang tawag dito ay Frega HUB. Eto ay isang  social media na nagbabahagi ng pera sa mga miyembro! At, tulad ng Facebook  nagdagdag kami ng mga serbisyong paris ng  cloud at apps, ang ilan sa mga serbisyo nito ay libre at ang iba naman ay mayroong buwanang bayad.

Ang  tanging hiling namin sa aming mga miyembro  o kasapi, ay tulungan kaming lumago at umunlad tulad ng pagtulong natin sa Facebook na lumago at umunlad… .. gumawa kayo ng inyong profile sa FREGA HUB, imbitahin ang iyong mga kaibigan , kamag-anak na sumali,  ipamahagi o ipakita ang inyong mga  ginagawa kaparis ng pamamahagi at pagpapakita ng inyong mga gawain  sa Facebook. Maging pala-kaibigan sa kapwa.

Kahit nagbayad or hindi tayo sa pagiging miyembro o kasapi sa Frega, LAHAT tayo ay  makakabahagi sa perang  matatanggap ng Frega mula sa kanilang mga dinulot na mga serbisyo o gawain.
Ang tanging OBLIGASYON lamang nating mga miyembro or kasapi ay MAGING SOCIABLE o maging pala-kaibigan sa kapwa.

Ang paglikha o pag gawa ng isang profile para sa iyong sarili, sa iyong negosyo, sa iyong simbahan, sa iyong samahan, sa iyong isport o sa iyong social club, o sa iyong kawanggawa ay madali at ang maganda pa dito.....  ito ay LIBRE !!!

Sa Frega ay hindi kailanman isang obligasyon na bumili ng kahit ano para makasali. Mabilis at madali ang pagrehistro. Magrehistro sa pamamagitan lamang ng pag-click sa pindutan  o buton ng REGISTER sa anumang website ng miyembro  o dili kaya sa kanilang pahina (page) sa HUB, o sa link na ipinadala nila sa inyo.



To get started, all you have to do is register by clicking the LOGIN/REGISTER button at the top of this page.

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With NO technical skills, you can set up your own private, social or business website, free of charge, that connects with your social media page and unique contact book.

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  • FREE access to ChatPlus a mobile and desktop app for texting and video-calling like WhatsAPP.
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The more you use these tools instead of other social media tools,





To get started, all you have to do is register by clicking the LOGIN/REGISTER button at the top of this page.

IF YOU ARE ON A PHONE click the MENU button (the three red lines)

After you register you will receive a confirmation email (just click where it says "Click here" in the email)



From the moment you register, you will start receiving tiny amounts of income from around the world. Why? Because we are part of a growing, cooperative, international platform that is OWNED by everyone that registers ... WE SHARE THE MONEY that would otherwise go to companies like Facebook.






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Welcome to the RealHandUp Maharlika Community



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